Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Steal the night, kill the lights. Feel it under your skin.

Hi there!
Today was my 3rd day of work experience,
it was quite boring, nothing interesting happened.

Anyway, so today 90210 EPISODE 2 CAME OUT!
I think it was realllllyyyyy good :D
I love to see Annie get ruined.
Cause I hate her :)
That sounds funny cause it sounds like I'm talking about myself.

So I really want a new leather jacket,
so I've decided to steal some pictures of people and leather jackets.
Enjoy :)

Even though I hate Shanae Grimes (Annie Wilson from 90210),
I really like her clothes :)

Anyway, I gotta go to bed nows.
Goodnight-er-een-ies (Y).



  1. WHAAAT CAN I COMMENT ON your post is so plain today :) there's only 218372329801 million pictures instead of 921035876t9u403124 billion!!11one!

    pfts, go to bed my ass :) and hey, I love to see annie get ruined too. i'll leave it up to you to decide which annie i'm talking about ;)

  2. a fellow 90210er! i LOVE THAT PROGRAM ANNIE IS A BIYATCH (obviously not you. i dont know you.) but i live in england so the new series isnt out yet! bumma'.
    for leather jackets, seriosuly try the mens sections of charity stores. theres so many.
    sophe xxx

  3. sheeeeeeeeeesh
    i did have a feeling you would the stuff shes going through, HAHAHA :D
    good pictures on leather jackets
    maybe you find one @ the bardot factory .. just maybe

  4. i think my life would be almsot complete if i had all these girls' clothing in my wardrobe!

    I see your from victoria as well, melbourne i'm guessing??



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