Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So.. we haven't spoken in quite some time
Sorry...but year 11? It's a drainer.

Let me fill you in on what I did while being M.IA:
- Got a Macbook Pro
- Got a black blazer (from my mum's closet)
- Failed multiple Maths and Chemistry tests
- Went to a formal wearing Tony Bianco studded heels :)
- Got my hands on some look-a-like oxfords
- Got some boots for winter

Pretty sure that there's many more that I have forgotten, but that will have to do for now.

Okay, so here in Melbourne, Australia, it's almost winter (I hate winter)! And that means that warm clothes are essential when stepping out on the streets.

Here are some of the things that are a must!

A blazer (source: topshop.com)

Studded ankle boots (source: betts.com.au)

A warm scarf (source:

Some cool coloured nail polish (source: weheartit.com)

Patterned/printed stockings (source:weheartit.com)

A warm sweater (source: wehearit.com)

A beanie beret (source:weheartit.com)

Anyway, gotta go now. Shall try and update you guys soon.

annie xx


  1. I love those shoes, too cute! <3

  2. Love the nailpolish <3

  3. Lady Gaga AND a Macbook Pro?
    Wow girl you must have entered the "Joanna's Heavenly Life Zone" or something :)

    see u soon ;)

  4. Young people ... from scratch
    Middle-aged ... comeback
    Rich enjoy their twilight years old ...
    No matter which you can achieve what you want
    Thank you for your time reading, do not give up the chance to even know, know no loss to you!

  5. Just found your blog for the first time and love it!
    especially love those shoes!
    check my blog out!---- http://foreverfreetobe0.blogspot.com/
    its a little different from yours, more inspiration and fashion but I hope you like it!

  6. Love these pics!! Fruit Cake You is the best blog ever, thank you so much! We should do a collab, I have a site on food - http://www.beatricebakery.com ... I think our interests align.


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