Saturday, January 16, 2010


but... just a super duper quick update.
i'm currently in vietnam with very limited access to the internet
so i haven't been able to update you guys with my recent finds.
i'm currently at an internet cafe so i don't have any pictures to show you.

i'm leaving for singapore and malaysia in a few days,
so if the hotel has internet access,
i shall update you guys.

i've actually missed blogging.
i haven't blogged for about half a month..
but when i come back from my fantastic holiday, i shall change that..

i went to thailand a few weeks ago, and it was probably the best i've been to.
the hotels were amazing and the beach was so clean and perfect!

right now, i'm not actually staying in saigon, but i'm at vung tau.
this is basically a tourist place, where there's beaches and temples.

anyway, it's currently 11pm here, and i should be asleep
cause i'm going to go watch the sunrise down by the beach tomorrow morning.

anyway, gotta scoot
love always, annie xx

P.S: sorry for the gay post D:


  1. hope you are having an amazing holidays (:

  2. ur on vacation? hey come to indonesia visit me! :)
    have a great vacation dear..

  3. Hi Annie,
    really miss your posts!! anyways, have a fun holiday :)

  4. hi annie, how are you doing? miss ur posts!
    anyway, i'm moving to new url. relink pleaseee if u don't mind? thank youuu ;)

  5. hey eat lots of fruit for me and hope you have a fantastic trip k?

  6. Enjoy your trip!


  7. I've left you an award on my blog :) x


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